Deez Nuts for President??

If you grew up listening to Hip Hop in the 90s, then you are all too familiar with the “Deez Nuuuutz” catchphrase that was made popular by Dr. Dre’s album, The Chronic.  It was nothing to catch your friends slippin’ by hitting them with it when they least expected it.  For example:

Say, dawg?  

Is D coming to the game?

D, who?

Deez Nuuuutz!

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Why The (Pre)Judicial System Is Flawed

A few days ago, I read a story about a 19-year-old young man who has to spend the next 25 years as a registered sex offender.  I can’t imagine what that does to a young person to live such a restricted, embarrassing, scrutinized existence at such a young age–to be pre-judged due to a label that has such a social stigma attached–sex offender!!  When we hear or read the words “sex offender”, we automatically think we should fear for our safety.  We think the absolute worst.  We want to shelter our children.  We want to keep those people out of our neighborhoods.  We don’t want them in our churches.  Some people have even gone as far as to require signs in the person’s yard that announces a registered sex offender lives there.  We think of these people as being child molesters, rapists, people who possess child pornography, people who knowingly have sex with underage children.  We think of those episodes of Law & Order: SVU.  We remember those stories of teachers getting pregnant by their students.  We think of those coaches that abused boys in the showers of the locker rooms.  We think they are the scum of the earth and utterly disgusting.  We spend hours online researching the amount of offenders in the area before we consider buying a home in a particular neighborhood.  We don’t want them around us, and we don’t want to be around them.

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The Real Reason #LionLivesMatter

By now, I’m sure you have all heard the various stories of outrage over the dentist you killed Cecil the Lion.  For real?  How do we even know that’s his name?  Anyway, I digress…what I really wanted to discuss is why so many people care.  They are seriously up in arms over this.  Many people have created memes to express their displeasure with the fact that Cecil’s life (and animals, in general) seems more valuable than the numerous Black lives that have been lost over the past year.

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Devante Swing Served It UP!

Last night, Sunday November 30, 2014, BET aired the annual Soul Train Awards.  Many of us were glued to the television and were blown away by some of the acts of our youth still serving up the sweet sounds we remember.  Although I didn’t personally watch, my social media news feeds kept me abreast of every happening, from Tamar’s “busy” outfit to the amazing “she still got it” vocals of Stephanie Mills.

What really stole the show is the much anticipated Jodeci reunion performance.  While many were disappointed in what was obviously a well-rehearsed, lip syncing debacle, many took to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to express even greater disappointment in Devante’s “side ponytail.”  Baby, he served it up, but the people served it right back! LOL.  They have absolutely NO chill–everyone from other celebrities to fans.  Enjoy some of my favorite memes and tweets!

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Falling Off and Catching Up

I realized that I hadn’t blogged in a minute, but it was definitely not because I hadn’t been inspired.  Most of it had to do with readjusting to life.  Over the past month, I’ve relocated with my family to a new city, created a new budget, lived without cable and internet (LOL), potty trained a toddler, split atoms, invented a new renewable energy source, among other things.  Okay, maybe not all of those things, but you get the idea.  Now that everything is back to normal, I’ve been playing catch up a little bit.

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My Guilty Pleasure–BravoTV!

bravo meme

It’s hard these days to flip on the television and not see a new reality television show or spin-off of another popular show.  BravoTV, in my opinion, has set the standard for the rest of the entertainment world to follow when it comes to reality television.  From its cast of characters, to the production, to the advertisement, to the reunions, and everything in-between, Bravo has nailed it!  Even if you say you aren’t the type of person to watch reality television shows (for whatever reason you come up with), somehow you get sucked in.

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Houston Poetry Scene Gets A Facelift (Part 2)

In the previous blog post (click here to read “Houston Poetry Scene Gets A Facelift”), I depicted the current landscape of the poetry/spoken word scene in Houston, TX.  Right now, what is known as “the poetry circuit” is plagued with arrogance, fakery, and division.  I expressed the need for something to be done to transform the scene from its bleak condition.  I inquired what could be done to achieve this radical metamorphosis that is necessary.

209223_484352604922060_1473819469_oEnter Karega Ani!  Brother Karega, as I like to call him, is an accomplished, sought after music producer, musician,  and poet who has continually worked at honing his unique talents for well over a decade.  He accredits his undergraduate African American Literature professor, Dr. Ntozake Shange, for his emergence into the poetic realm.  If this name sounds familiar, it is with good reason.  She is the author of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf (which was later adapted for film by Tyler Perry).  She helped him flourish and unleash his lyrical genius.  He tackles radical themes that include everything from romance to social issues that afflict the community.  He is a nationally recognized Slam Poet who has recorded and released a collection of spoken word albums, his latest being “Concentrated Substance: The Chronicles of a Hopeless Optimist” (available for purchase here), and has also shared the stage with “literary luminaries” like Sunni Patterson (I adore her!), Mutabaruka, and others.

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